Samsung Hū


Samsung Hū: The Spectrum of Being.

R/GA NY x Carlos Serrao

Client: Samsung

Awards & Honours

The Creative Review 2017: Winner, Digital Experiential

The One Show 2017: Merit, Responsive Environments User Activation.


For the final S7 camera application that ran the experience, Oscar assisted by providing creative and technical solutions, as well as programming the final application.

For the floor lamps that guided the user, Oscar helped design and execute the technological experience.

For the email service that delivered the final photograph, Oscar executed the HTML email and email service.


Available upon request.

“Hidden in your movement and invisible to the naked eye is an essence unique to you: your hu. But under just the right conditions, this spectrum of being can be exposed. This installation aims to capture and visualize your hu.  Commissioned for Samsung’s experiential flagship, 837 and created in partnership with renowned photographer Carlos Serrao, the installation uses a single Galaxy S7 mobile phone to capture a series of portraits as visitors move through the space. These images are then merged with code-based generative art, creating an elegant and dynamic photographic signature unique to each visitor.” - R/GA