Oscar de la Hera Gomez

Creative Technologist | Designer

Born passionate and curious in Basel, Switzerland (1991), Oscar de la Hera is an award-winning Spanish Creative Technologist and Designer whose work fuses disciplines and explores how experiential products can inspire more meaningful interactions.

A sentiment that derives from his upbringing in Den Haag, The Netherlands; where through his lifelong passion - football - Oscar witnessed how multi-cultural societies unraveled and united, celebrating a moment in time.

Mesmerized by this phenomenon and with an appetite for creation, Oscar would pursue a MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, where he would first discover the fields of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and wearables. As part of this trajectory, Oscar would stumble upon the Royal College of Art, where he would uncover empathy, entrepreneurship, innovation through three lenses of design: design research, user centered design and product design.

Energized by this discovery, Oscar would move to New York City to study an MFA in Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts, where under a star-studded faculty of design professionals, he would broaden his perception of design. Lenses that would enable him to fuse disciplines such as art, engineering, psychology, neuroscience, research and technology; with the purpose of enriching experiences. As part of this evolution, Oscar would be granted the extraordinary opportunity to pitch products to the Museum of Modern Art for their wholesale catalog, which would give birth to the Illusion Spinner - his first commercial product.

Today, Oscar's work is sold in over 30 countries around the world by the Museum of Modern Art. He has presented as one of Spain’s best designers at ICFF - North America’s premier showcase for contemporary design & has worked on high-profile projects like the Apple Watch Nike+.

Oscar currently works at R/GA where he ideates, designs and makes products and experiences for clients such as Nike, Samsung and Verizon; whilst he develops Delasign, a brand centered at enriching life through experiential products.