Welcome to Design x Marketing, a blog destined at detailing a pursuit of integrating marketing into products and services through design.

Since the age of 14, I have been obsessed with creation. An obsession that took me to laser-focus on each detail between the visual and the technical. I needed to create perfect products, who interactions, behavior and utilities were so intuitive; no explanation would ever be needed. A complex that elevated my work to brands like Nike through to the Museum of Modern Art.

Achievements that whose visceral reaction meant the world to me, igniting an energy that encouraged a sprint down an envisioned lifeline. I had finally pushed my work to the world through mediums and symbolism that for me, represented glory.

However, having reached a plateau in growth in the fields of design, engineering and technology; I realized a painful truth. Although I carried the talent and ability to produce quality products, I failed to get them in the hands of people. One could argue I did not know how to make a sale, who I should be making a sale to and above all else; why the product matters.

As I gained this insight I had what one could call a creators existential crisis.

Was I producing products no one wanted to use? Was I so blind in my pursuit of excellence that I had failed to not only find but see the 'user'? A whirlwind of anxiety-inducing questions filled my mind.

Truth be told, the most painful thing was that no one was using my products. I had essentially created crap. No one wants that. Within this crisis, my facebook matched me to a video by Ryan Holiday where he invaded my mind with his new book: Perrenial Seller. A book that described; educated and quite literally pointed at my dream - the creation of long lasting, impactful work.

After immersing myself in the content, I was metaphorically hit head-first by branch.

As Ryan so elegantly put it - If I put that much energy into making meaningful work. Why dont I expect to put the same energy into sell it? And what's more, why should someone else have the fun of selling my child.

That and I believe that consistency is key to any professional endeavor. And what I hate the most is when you create something with a vision in mind and it is warped into something else for the sake of marketing. This for me is not acceptable. I believe that marketing should not be fabricated. It should be meticulously injected through design. Whose fruits should come naturally, rewarding the neurotic obsession of the creator, whose mission of immersing themselves in the soul of their user, proved to be effective as it is now in the hands of said users.

To finish, this blog is aimed at describing this pursuit. A pursuit of integrating marketing into the design process from the beginning, enabling it to flow effortlessly as the product reaches launch. Reducing the hours and stress, and ideally removing entirely, the hours spent fabricating an image for a product. An image that is often far from the creative-inception and intention of the creator.

Initially the notes will be centered around design-marketing thinking, inspired by books and professional endeavors that describe the neural pathways carved by thoughts and methodologies of said adventure. However, although I consider that a good start, it is my intention to eventually implement the thoughts and connections into methodologies. Methodologies that can be applied by anyone to allow them to replicate the effects and successes. After all, if it cannot be replicated, what is it worth? That and I hope to hear from you, and your successes, and celebrate them.

All thoughts welcome.