Oscar de la Hera x Sacha Sukasam.

Special Thanks

Maria del Mar Gomez Castillo, David Caruda & Christian Jakenfelds

There is a magical nostalgia that arises when one returns to their childhood home after an extended experience. An excitement that arises the moment that you are homebound, where one is flooded with visual stimuli from a style of the past.

In particular, the style that Oscar was impacted by when the train arrived at Den Haag Centraal in July 2017, was De Stijl. All over the city, regardless of where one would look, one could find a Mondrian. As it turns out, as part of what some could consider a competition, the city of Den Haag had transformed itself through its buildings to make a tribute to 100 years of De Stijl.
De Stijl, pronounced the style, is also known as neoplasticism and was a Dutch artistic movement founded in Leiden in 1917. Proponents of De Stijl advocated pure abstraction and universality by a reduction to the essentials of form and colour; they simplified visual compositions to vertical and horizontal, using only black, white and primary colors.
Later on, during the weekend prior to Oscar’s Visa interview, Oscar was walking around the 070 with his Mother, Maria, when they decided to step into the local Apple Store so that Maria could see some of the work that Oscar had done in the last year. At this moment, Maria told Oscar that she wanted to buy one so that she could have one of his creations. Although Oscar felt overjoyed by Maria’s desire, Oscar told Maria not to buy it, that he would make something for her.
A week later, compressed by the pressure that arose from a difficult interview which had put Oscar’s future in the United States in question, Oscar found himself warmly surrounded by David Caruda and Christian Jakenfelds. Walking around the 070, Oscar joked with Christian and David that there were so many Mondrian’s, that he should make one himself. At the time, Oscar had a vague idea of what he wanted to make and what its functionality should be. However, it wasn’t until two weeks later when Oscar was about to breakdown that the chair came into the picture.
Having taken an oath to separate himself for screens and work until the American Consulate had reached a decision, Oscar found himself enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet in his garden with Sacha Sukasam. At this moment, as if it were a symbol of the situation that he was traversing, the stool which Oscar sitting on snapped and fell apart. When Oscar told Maria of the incident, she stressed that it had happened before and that it was a shame as the stool was one of her favorite pieces of furniture in the house. At this point Maria asked Oscar if he could fix the chair. Oscar agreed under the sole condition that he could paint it in any style that he liked.

With the vision of creating an original, unique, icon of his childhood that would serve as a gift for Maria’s birthday, Oscar began to repair, renew and create 070. Drawing from one of his favorite graffiti artists, Okudart, Oscar began to envision how he could use tape to create a three dimensional painting that changed based on the visual angle that an individual placed on the stool. After using Adobe Illustrator to create a Mondrian that would sit at the stools base, Oscar teamed up with Sacha to bring the stool to life.
The result is 070, which is pronounced Oh Seven Oh and is named after Den Haag’s area code. 070 is a three dimensional painting that takes the form of a stool and serves as a tribute to De Stijl and Oscar’s childhood.